Friday, May 13, 2016

Angel Cards #10

Doreen's Card May 6th:

Be flexible, allow for rest, don't put schedules ahead of your well-being. I feel like this is an ongoing message -probably because the retrograde issue and being pretty tired in general. 

Doreen May 7th, 8th, and 9th

Be patient while things manifest. Stay positive -good things are coming. 

Doreen May 10th

Another reminder: REST! It's hard to set time aside to just breathe instead of working all the time. 

Doreen May 10th

A new path is being manifested. Stay open to the signs. This is pretty true for me right now -especially looking for work. Getting clearer on that. Butterflies have also been popping up a lot this week. I think it means TRANSFORMATION. 

Doreen May 10th

The way this card was explained it basically means CREATIVITY will be increased. Which is very true right now. 

Doreen May 11th

Get out of your head and the "trappings in your mind" where you think things aren't possible. Focus on your Crown Chakra and stepping into spiritual power. 

Doreen May 12th

Look for the signs: Butterflies popping up. I've seen numerous butterfly images and today saw one in person -just another reminder. Let go of negativity and focus on the positive heading your direction. 

Doreen May 13th 

Don't feed into fear and hatred from the world. There's been a lot popping up lately. It makes the world seem like its a dark, bleak place that's getting worse. But things are better than they were and they will continue to improve. These are just the pains someone goes through in a hospital as they're healing before they officially recover. All things in the world will be brought to peace. 

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