Monday, May 23, 2016

Dolphins and Airplanes

Saturday the 21st of May: 

There was a card Doreen had posted a couple days before that night that had dolphins on it and at the time I knew the dolphins meant something, but since it didn't pertain to anything relevant going on right then I largely ignored it. 

Then as often happens I had a dream and ended up in an aquarium with guess what... A SHARK. That's usually a pretty good indication that Hell is trying to get to you when you have nightmares -especially ones about things you are more frequently afraid of. It's never clowns for me. It's never heights. It's never snakes. It's only the stuff your legitimately afraid of. 

So there I was swimming with a shark... or trying to swim AWAY from the shark, when all the sudden this dolphin comes in. The dolphin shields me and stays between me and the shark and the shark evades the dolphin. I woke up with the knowing that a totem animal -a dolphin -had actually been sent into my dreams to look after me. God doesn't just protect you PHYSICALLY in this life, God protects you from all fear and all troubles -including in your dreams. There has never been a time when I haven't called on God or divine beings in my dreams that they then haven't come through and protected me from whatever monster was trying to harm me. 

Sunday May 22nd:

I'm at an airport attempting to pick up my friend. I park the car and get out to meet her. This is my 6th time going to the airport to pick someone up. Normally the wait is somewhere between 5 to 10 minutes -sometimes less. 

I wait under one of the airline banners with passengers who are waiting to be picked up by the cars pulling over by the sidewalk we're standing on. 

After the first 20 minutes I knew that something was different. I acknowledged the unusual delay and immediately came to the conclusion: God must WANT me to be here right now or have something important planned. So as I often do when I'm reminded to do, I started praying over people silently. 

I asked for Jesus to give Peace, Mary to give Love, Holy Spirit to give Guidance, Michael to give Protection and Raphael to keep the Peace over each person or group of people I prayed for. And then I asked Yaweh to come in and fill the entire space with the presence of Heaven. 

There were a couple of people in particular I felt immediately compelled to pray for more than others. I felt like there was an urgency or a necessity to it. 

There was this strange moment however, where this guy was moving to walk past me and our eyes met. At first I attempted to divert my eyes to be polite, but then they drew back and looked right at him and he then diverted his eyes away as if he was ashamed of something. I got the sense that he had hurt someone. Probably a woman. It was weird. 

After about 35 minutes had gone by I got tired of standing so I found a bench to sit on. An Indian man in a purple turban then sat by me. I felt bad for him knowing all the crap he probably had to go through for wearing a turban -all the prejudices and ignorances of people imposed upon him. So I prayed over him and got the sense that God intended to do great things through him so he needed extra attention prayer. So I prayed over him for a good 5 minutes or so.

Then a car that had just picked people up was heading out and the man in the turban started waving his hands and shouting at them. they had left the trunk of their car wide open, so they pulled over and closed it. He kind of laughed and so did I. I knew then he was the kind of man who would speak out and lend aid to strangers if it was needed -one of the noblest qualities a person can possess. 

The man in the turban was then picked up, and an elderly woman came to sit beside me. She reminded me a little of my grandma, so I felt particularly inclined to pray over her. I got the sense that when her time came to pass, whether it was soon or later on, she would rise into Heaven pretty easily without much issue or fear. She seemed spiritually close to God in that way. 

After 50 minutes my friend came out. It felt like God had set me aside for helping people and that praying over people in that way is ultimately how I'm to be led to things like being able to heal and helping people out spiritually. It all starts out small and seemingly unremarkable. But miracles don't just happen, they're brought about over time. You have to pave your way to the impossible by participating in small acts that seem almost ordinary in their spirituality. 

Get in the habit of caring over people as God does. Not just because you know them or have met them before, but because you know God loves them and always will. 

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