Friday, May 27, 2016

World Issues God Wants People to See

God leads me to be aware of various global issues going on systemically/simultaneously so I can see the PATTERNS in them and what's going on Spiritually. also so I can pray over multiple issues going on that they may come to be rectified. 

Normally this happens by God sending me 3 or more instances of such issues arising throughout the week. This week had MANY. I am meant to shed light on these things as these truths have been made clear to me to show the Patterns of what's going on that something might be done about them. This week's issue is Child Rape.

#1 Child Rape involving high school sports players. People think rape or gang rape has to do with LUST. It's about dominance -very much like bullying is -and demeaning another person so you feel you have more power (over them). 

There was also an instance this week where a 15 year old girl went into the boys bathroom to ask out a guy that she liked. He said, "I will only date you if you sleep with me." The girl had been kidnapped and forced into sex trafficking when she was 13 and had NOT gotten treatment for that issue so when asked to perform sex her Instinct was: Do as this man says or there will be consequences. she had sex with him in the bathroom. Another boy came in and also asked for sex. She complied. Trafficking victims will service 30 to 50 men a DAY. She was doing as she had been forced to do because she didn't want harm to come. 25+ boys on the school's football team then recorded and watched her have sex. Taking advantage of the psychological damage of a sex trafficking victim occurs a LOT -especially in this way. 

#2 Pedophilia in Hollywood. Elijah Wood was on the band wagon of raising awareness of child sex abuse this week by opening up about his knowledge -or at least suspicion -of what goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood. Corey Feldman -a child actor -then reinforced his statement by opening up to the sex abuse he had experienced as a child in Hollywood. The t.v. show Nashville also had its final episode (which was a couple episodes after Ke$ha had cameod on the show) depicting what goes on to young girls in the Music Industry by having Reyna's daughter almost be sexually assaulted by a music producer. 

#3 Raped and Impregnated Teens. I don't know what idiot decided women Couldn't get pregnant via rape, but the 16 year old girl who found herself in that very position was brave enough to comment on the image below posted on someone's Instagram about how much that LIE hurts to hear when uttered by people in their ignorance and bigotry. 

#4 Native American Girl Rapes. 70% of most American girls who are raped KNOW their rapist. For Native American girls it's the exact OPPOSITE. White men will come onto native territory to gamble, they will get drunk, and they will then force themselves on whatever young girl they can find. Because so many children -usually around the age of 12 or 13 -are being raped and impregnated, they actually created a CHILDREN'S BOOK for young girls to read given the frequency and likelihood of being attacked by an outsider at this point. 

#5 Rapes in India and Indonesia. Rapes and gang rapes in particular are becoming common place throughout India and in Indonesia -where a 14 year old girl was gang raped by 10+ men and then murdered -CHILD rape in particular is VAST at this point. 

#6 Rapes in South America. A 16 year old girl got drunk at a party and her boyfriend proceeded to "pass her on" to guys. she was video taped being raped by over 30 men. 

Hell is sinking in its fangs right now. It's delving deep into whatever darkness and pain it can exploit in this world. We need to address this issue as a Global Human Race and end it. Pray God does something to fix this because mankind doesn't seem to know what to do at this point. 

This also makes it clear to me that all of these other so called "issues" people exacerbate in the media don't amount to sh*t in comparison to the actual issues facing people in this world. 

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