Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sensing Heaven

I house sit/pet sit a lot and am doing right now for my friend Nina. Usually when I come into someone's home and start to settle down/get a feel for the place, after a couple hours I come to a general "sense" about the energy in the home. 

My friend Nina's home is pretty unique as far as spiritual vibes go. It kind of caught me off guard. It's important to note that different Rooms will hold different energies and then the home itself will have an overall energy. In my friend Nina's room I got this feeling like "Excitement", "Exploration, or like "Something Good or Wondrous was Coming". 

When people are spiritual or invite God/positive beings from Heaven in, different aspects of Heaven get captured in that place in combination with the energies the owners and sometimes even their pets put out. 

In my friend Katie's home I got a sense of "Relaxation", "Calm", Buddhism, "Purpose", "Zen". And these things also kind of fit her personality or at least her Spirituality. 

My friend Nina on the other hand is always out and about doing things, Experiencing things, and engaging in life. It makes sense that the sense of "Good Experiences to Come" would be the aspect most drawn into her home. 

My room on the other hand has a different energy. I focus on bringing in "The Light", God's Presence in Particular, and "Opening Heaven Up and Founding It" in my room. My room overall has a "Light" feeling to it. Divinity is pretty easy to pick up on. 

I've also been in other places where the house/space was "Clear" and "Open" -as if there were no negative energy or obstruction energy in the way and the room itself felt vast. 

Places like wedding halls and sometimes churches have more of a vibrant energy -usually of "Joy", "Excitement", and "Celebration". An echoing of the energies of many people and much movement. 

It's important to consciously choose what energies to endow from yourself onto a space and what energy you ask to have imprinted on that space from Heaven. There are many great aspects of Heaven that can be brought it, and it's best to find the qualities that most match your own nature and the kind o room/home/space you're in.

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