Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spiritual Workout

As it turns out maintaining spiritual strength and presence takes practice. By doing the spiritual exercises each night like the psychic suggested the "entity" has kept away to some extent. The cracking noises in the ceiling s and walls have stopped all together. Now I just hear footsteps at night in the living room -which is fine as long as it's not in my bedroom. The feeling of the entity being by my bedside has also decreased.

But it gets hard at night. Initially lying in bed waiting to dose off your spiritual strength is at its "strongest". I focus on breathing my energy into my chest and also focusing on my head so that mind and soul are at the forefront. Envisioning being wrapped in some sort of yellow light is still impossible, so instead I usually visualize spiritual light/energy coming from above descending to me. I also focus on sending out my own energy -which when done at its greatest peak can feel suprisingly solidified. 

Unfortunately some nights you feel like a "dud" spiritually and you know your strength isn't there. You end up succumbing to fear far more than you would and your heart pounds heavier and you listen to every sound that much more closely. This is especially true when you wake up after having been asleep -usually around 12pm, 3am, and 4:30am as has become the regularly scheduled routine. You have NO strength physically and not enough consciousness to consolidate your spiritual energy. You're just tired and at the mercy of the moment. 

Things were going pretty well this past week but then Saturday I was too exhaust from the day to do my nightly spiritual practice and ended up skipping it. That night I was more afraid and woke up regularly 4 times during the night. The next day I was pretty drained and "heavy". I think when you drop the ball the power you were slowly starting to establish takes a dive -like slipping backward while trying to climb up the side of a mountain. You then have to slowly build your spirit back up again. If nothing else I can say this experience with the entity has gotten me more in-touch with my spiritual energy and what it takes to maintain it.

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