Monday, March 24, 2014

Ghost Activity: Diminishing?

Friday night sucked, but Saturday night there was NO ghost activity! YES!!! 
 I went room-to-room doing my spiritual exercise. I also used Holy water for my room. The only real difference was I asked God, Jesus, my Holy Spirit, and my guardian angels to watch over me at night, stop foreign entities from waking me in my sleep, and guard me in bed.

I heard little noises and felt no presence in my room throughout the night. It was amazing. Then last night I did the same thing. I felt the presence when I was first trying to sleep. Then it went away and I slept until 3am. Then I lightly felt the presence. It didn't bug me that much since it wasn't very strong and I was able to ignore it. At 6:20am when I was going back and forth on whether to get out of bed to get ready for work the ceiling made 3 loud cracks. I definitely think whatever this entity is, it is tuned into my inner thoughts.

2 interesting things have come up as a result of recent ghost activity. 

1. I've become a lot more open about talking about what I've been experiencing to people in my family. I was ready to breakdown after a while and then confiding in mom kind of opened the door. I got a call from my aunts on Sunday because my dad had told them what was going on. They're pretty spiritual and they told me to burn the sage again. They also asked me if I was on medication or had seen a psychiatrist -basically trying to rule out mental disorders. 

2. Prayer has increased. I've been prayed for and others have asked me to pray for them. Even at Jos' women's group planning session where prayer and religion and spirituality is usually rare to be seen, I was asked to pray for someone in the group. 

I think people are starting to realize there is something to prayer and spirituality. It's getting harder for people who could normally live blindly without it to avoid acknowledging its power.

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