Monday, March 17, 2014

Ghost Over the Weekend

I went to my mom's house 2 hours away last Saturday and Sunday. Mom decided to tell me some depressing news. 

When she talked with her psychic friend Agatha, Agatha said she felt like I was taking control and empowering myself but still not taking on the full extent of the situation. She basically said she felt like I had psychic abilities myself that I wasn't tapping into or managing well. She said that she wants to meet with me and help me gain control over my abilities. 

Then mom said that night she would pray over me and read some verses out of the Bible aloud.

The ghost wouldn't stop bugging me when I tried to go to sleep. My mom said if it was being persistent to wake her up and we'd sleep in the living room together. 11pm I moved into the living room myself hoping that would help. It didn't. Stupid ghost was being really persistent and wouldn't let me sleep. It was making the walls crack and pressing its energy on me. So I finally went in and woke up my mom. She came into the living room. 

Every 5 minutes the ghost would bug me. I've never seen it that persistent before. Kind of like saying, "I don't care that your mom's here -I'm letting you know I'M HERE." I hoped my mom would pick up on the energy or hear the noises and say something -but instead she was passed out completely. 2am rolled around. Every time I started knodding off I got a spiritual "jerk" or "poke" that startled me. Like someone tapping you on your soul which causes you to jolt up and awake. It wouldn't let me sleep. 

Mom got up to use the bathroom around 3am. She asked, "Did I wake you?" I said I haven't slept yet -it won't stop bugging me. She prayed over me and had me wear a cross necklace. It did nothing. Finally around 4pm I fell asleep. I woke up at 7am. 3 hours of sleep. FAIL. :( 

Then I went home to my apartment last night. I did my spiritual exercise in each room and immediately after each session sprinkled Holy water on the walls of each room. 

I fell asleep and wasn't really bothered until 3am. Then the activity picked up. So I sat up in bed and did the spiritual exercise again -tapping into God and the energy around me. Then around 4am its energy picked up again and the walls started cracking. That continued on until 5am when I started listening to music.

Mom told me to ask God to send me a dream that night to let me know how to gt rid of the ghost. I did ask God.

The dream I had last night involved me waking up in my old bed at my mom's house. There was a monster/ghost in the room, but it was physical like a person and kept trying to get me out of bed. The monster/ghost wasn't aggressive or frightening it just wanted me to do something. It said that I worked for the monster world it was from a while back and it wanted me to go back do that job again. I acknowledged that I was what I called a "Communication Coordinator" but that I wasn't from that world anymore and didn't want to go back. The monster thing was pretty insistent that I needed to continue on with the work I'd done before. Then I woke up.

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