Thursday, March 6, 2014

Stand Off

I finally got the Holy water! The church was open for Ash Wednesday and I dunked my bottle in the basin of Holy water and brought it home. At 4:45pm I went from room to room dashing water on the walls in the shape of the cross and saying "I bless this place in the name of Jesus Christ". I actually didn't know what I was supposed to say but planned to follow up when i got home later with Round 2 of blessing so didn't worry at the time. 

7pm I arrived back home and started by sitting on my bed, raising my hands up towards the ceiling, closing my eyes, and connecting to God. I said "I choose to connect to God. I ask for Jesus Christ to enter my life and bring His light into this space. May no dark, negative entity trespass into this space that I have claimed for Jesus. I give my soul to God and ask that You uplift my soul and help me follow the Holy Spirit". After about 15 minutes of this kind of prayer, I got up and again went wall-to-wall making the mark of the cross with the Holy water and saying, "In the name of my savior Jesus Christ I command all negative entities to leave." After that I did another session of sitting with my hands stretched in prayer and connection with God. I felt very warm and empowered spiritually. 

Then I turned off the lights and got into bed. I definitely felt lighter in general and could feel this energy pulsating and resonating from me. Then I fell asleep in a comfortable, bunker-like state.

11:30am I awoke to the sense of the entity. Again it felt like it wasn't specifically anywhere -it wasn't consolidated it was just and energy directed at me in a negative, angry way. I was thrown off by it at first but assured myself by thinking about Jesus and eventually fell back asleep. 

1:30am I was awoken AGAIN by the stupid entity in the same way. Again it was a general, non-solidified presence that was just directed at me in an angry, negative way. Eventually I fell back asleep. 

3am I was awoken again. This time the energy ramped up to a level I became very frightened by. It was still not solidified so I couldn't say where it was "standing" but the intensity of the angry vibes I was picking up on made my heart race and I found it hard to focus on Christ. I started hearing walking around in the living room. Then footsteps into my room. The walls started cracking. I gave up and decided there was no way I it was going to let me fall asleep again so I turned on the light, got in my bed and did my usual prayer with hands outstretched upwards. Then I grabbed the holy water and started making the mark of the cross again in my room and in the hallway outside my room.

With my soul built-up again I figured that would shut it up. It did for about 30 minutes. Then the energy began ramping up again. I ended up laying there saying over and over in my head "Jesus is my Savior, and I am His lamb" and tried to visualize Christ on the cross and His image. It was a back and forth battle of energy for a while.Then whenever I started getting sleepy and almost dozing there would be footsteps or the sound of something being messed with in the living room. Then at one point when I was laying there a sudden breathe blew in my face like someone leaning in close and purposely blowing a puff air at you. I decided to start listening to music and did that until around 6am. Then I got up shortly after.

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