Monday, March 10, 2014

Managing the Money Mandala

Well my friend Jos as I have said wants to make mucha moolah this year. She asked me to make a "money mandala" that she could focus on spiritually to bring money to her. Jos isn't a spiritual person so she's reallllllllly stretching herself on every way possible to gain money. So I created the money mandala image and created a document outlining the best practice one should engage in to bring more money into your life. 

Personally I think it's better just to be grateful for what you have and be at peace where you are, but Jos has been working day and night for a year and a half on a women's group that is on the cusp of finally turning profit. 

Here's the image I created, which I call the "Money Mandala": 

Most of what I gathered for information on spiritual wealth retention comes from Chinese Feng Shui. The image itself is in the shape of the Alchemy symbol for Gold. A circle with smaller circles around it's edges with one in the center. The "circles" on the edges are peacock feathers -representing affluence. The center is a lotus flower in the color Ruby -the stone most associated with wealth. Behind the circle is "the world" because I found that you have to think globally to expand your mind and bring in vast wealth from multiple places. Lastly I added the echoing lines pointing towards the center -which are supposed to help propagate focus. Oh yah and the whole thing is colored in the color Gold.

The advice I found for attracting money to your life spiritually didn't actually coincide with the mandala. The advice centers around something I do best -day dreaming. 

1. Positive thinking and visualizations only work if the Positivity of your thoughts outweigh your Doubts. Believe like you've never believed before. What I would actually argue is ASSUME it will work. 

2. BE CLEAR AS DAY. Do not send muttled messages out into the spiritual world around you. Be clear what you want -and more importantly what it looks like. Sit down in a meditative space and visualize what you want and what "wealth" looks like to you. How does it feel? 

3. Allow yourself to believe you DESERVE wealth. Every time you start to feel iffy or you back out of your thoguhts of being wealthy -remind yourself WHY you deserve it. You've earned it. 

4. Remove other external or internal obstacles. You can't do these exercises right if your leg is being amputated. Make sure the other areas of your life: Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Mental health are also balanced and well taken care of. Also any issues with work, relationships, and other things that might distract you. 

5. Make sure this process is working for you. If it doesn't feel right and your not giving yourself over to it completely -it won't work. Find a process that aligns with you. 

6. Build your faith in the process slowly. Test it out from time to time with small examples. If this process is working I will get $50 more dollars this month than I usually do. Then see if it happens. Don't be as tide down to "HOW" it happens -focus on being open to all ways of receiving. 

7. Give it patience and time. It's not a coin slot. The universe also works in "mysterious ways" so be open to "opportunities" that come up that can LEAD to money rather than just receiving a handful of money itself.

These tips were given in a non-denominational way (meaning they refer to God as "the universe" which always kind of bugs me but whatever). I would then add an 8th tip:

8. Connect to God when you're doing this. Specifically request Him to help bring these visions and goals about. God wants to make you happy. He also wants to fulfill you in the right way with what you truly need. If any spiritual being or practice has the ability to give you wealth and abundance so you never want for anything -it's God.

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