Thursday, March 27, 2014

Traveling Companion

I went to our community mentoring program for at-risk youth's outing last night. On my way to pick up my 2 mentee girls. I'm sitting in the car outside of ones house waiting for them to answer. I feel inspired to create a pie chart illustrating the difference in perception of time to a Teen verses an Adult. I want to be at the mini golf course at 6pm and 5:30pm rolls around and still not hearing from the girl I'm supposed to be picking up. 

While in the car I start to feel lethargic. Almost light-headed but without the physical sense of going to pass out. Then I hear a Crack! sound on the dashboard like the ones I hear on the walls in my apartment. My ears start to ring that glaring noise I get in my apartment at night as well. I realize the entity is in the car with me. I'm impressed and decide to share my thoughts with it, "I don't know who you are and still don't know what you want, but I'm impressed you managed to follow me all the way in my car to the other side of San Jose. Kudos." 

The golf course is fun and I make it home around 9:15pm. I bless my room and stand in front of the doorway to my bedroom and loudly and directly say, "Stay out of my room. Whatever foreign entity is here, I command you to stay out of my room in the name of Jesus Christ. Stay in the living room. Only God, Jesus Christ, and my guardian angel are allowed in my room. Do not come into my room." 

I woke up twice last night to the faint sense of energy being directed at me but NO presence being made in my room. Light cracking sounds on the walls. I blow it all off immediately and go back to sleep. If I distract my mind to think about other things I can keep a confident notion in my mind that it WILL stay out of my room, things tend to work out.

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