Monday, March 31, 2014

Other Things in Life

I'm tired of blogging about ghosts all the time. I am up to other things in my life. I went to Golfland last Wednesday with my 2 mentee girls for a "community outing" with the program. It was fun: it rained, I lost my ball, I saw a rainbow, I ate pizza, I won 50 tickets worth of prizes, and I admired the architecture of the lighthouses-leaning towers-medieval castles I tried to putt my ball through.

I also got to see the way my two girls interact with others when in groups of their friends. I was surprised that one of the girls actually kind of avoided the group and hung out to the side -even though they were her friends. The other girls joked around and didn't really take the golfing seriously -which is fine given that it's just a game.

The other exciting thing I did was go to Halfmoon Bay this past Saturday. My hi-maintenance friends wanted to take our next strategy session out of town. Originally it was suggested we got to Santa Cruz and stay overnight for 2 days at a nice hotel. My budget suggested otherwise so we ended up going with a conference room at a hotel out by the water in Halfmoon Bay.

The conference room was great, the weather was rainy, the lunch was amazing, and we got most of what we wanted done accomplished.

I also brought up the subject of prayer to Jos. I told her we should pray to help with our success -especially since she's using the money mandala and creating vision boards to get wealthy. We were at lunch when I brought it up and Leslie, the other woman we work with, chimed in and said it was a great idea. Jos isn't spiritual. She goes to a "spiritual center" but more and more I've come to accept that she just delves in "spirituality" like someone takes a yoga class to get fit -not holistically improve their mindset/wellbeing. Jos avoids religion and the way she justified the notion of prayer was by saying that "a study was done where 50 sick people were prayed for and 50 people weren't and the ones who were prayed for got better and had better results therefore prayer works." It's faith by fact. So ultimately didn't get very far in the world of prayer, but I did get her to accept the notion that I would be praying for her to become wealthy -which helps the process.

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