Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Message from Agatha

Got some more psychic advice form my mom's friend Agatha. I gave her a notebook I'd written in and an artbook I'd filled up with drawings. Agatha told my mom that the art indicates I'm naturally psychic -but still at a beginners level. Agatha believes the entity that is following me is neither male nor female and is probably a spirit guide trying to get my attention and help me out. She said I needed to speak to it and clarify who it is and whether it wants help or wants to give help. 

She told me to sit on the bed with my feet on the floor (so that I'm still grounded to the earth). Focus on breathing and taking in the space. I need to be calm and have no fear. Then calmly say, "Hello", and wait for a response/presence. Then ask, "What is your name?". Try to feel its energy and read its intentions. Tell it, "You are scaring me. I can communicate with you but only in a positive, peaceful way. And it has to be on my time. I don't understand what you're trying to tell me. I know you're there but we need to communicate in a different way."

Then invoke my guardian angel (visualize breathing in gold). Say the following poem to confirm if this entity IS my guardian angel:

"Angel of God
my guardian dear
to whom God's love
commits you to hear
Ever this day or ever this night
Be at my side
to light and guard
to rule and guide"

I sat on my bed and did the first part. I sensed the presence standing right in front of me wavering back and forth. I got that it was tall/big but didn't really get a name. Images of the ocean kept coming up for me every once in a while, over and over again, throughout the night. I told it I could communicate with it during the day if it made noises to indicate it wanted to talk. But I also told it it was NOT allowed in my room at night and could not communicate with me during the night. 

This thing is not my guardian angel. It's a pain in the a**. 11am, 1am, 3:30am, 4:30am... it kept waking me up with its noises, footsteps, and imposing presence. And it doesn't fell nice or positive. It also doesn't listen to me despite the fact I told it multiple times to leave my room and let me sleep. It's an annoyance... I asked God, Jesus, and my angels point blank to get rid of it. I want my sleep back.

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