Monday, March 10, 2014

Stand Off Part 3

Last Friday I spent the night at my dad's house. I needed sleep BADLY. I got tired of being woken up every 3 seconds in the night. Then Saturday night I spent the night back at my apartment. It was funny, I thought the ghost was an hour early because it woke me up at 2am instead of 3 am until I found out the next day that daylight's savings time was Saturday night/ Sunday morning.

Last night got intense. The entity wouldn't let me sleep. every 2 minutes it would downpour its presence into the room. I've perceived the energy less and less as "angry" and more and more as just generally intrusive. I've gotten annoyed with it. So I kept telling it, out loud, "Go Away!" "Leave me alone!" At one point I told it to go to the kitchen or the living room. Anywhere but my room. Nothing phases this thing. 

Finally at 11am when I was awoken after finally managing to go to sleep, I got pissed. I went into the kitchen, sat at the table and "brought God into the room". Basically it's doing the spiritual exercise of extending your arms upward and say things like, "I'm choosing to connect to God. I'm choosing to connect to Jesus Christ. I ask that you bring your light and your presence into this room. God, I ask that you uplift my soul and help it follow the Holy Spirit within me..." Then at some point you can physically/spiritually feel the energy being extended outward -filling the room. You outstretch your arms forward and feel the energy. When it's thick like that you know you've done your job and you can move on to the next room -which I did.

I sat on the living room couch, only this time I decided to try out my 2nd "pose" for the spiritual exercise. Lotus position with arms resting on your knees, palms facing upward, sitting back up strait. You end up feeling like a solar panel radiating the energy and light off of you. Again I connected to God and filled the room with the energy.

I stood in the hallway outside my bedroom and extended my arms out from my sides and did the same. Palms are always outstretched and open. When I felt the energy had filled that space I moved to the bathroom and lastly my bedroom. After that I was pretty exhausted and turned back over to go to sleep. 

5 minutes later I felt the presence again -but this time it didn't phase me. Instead when I started to feel its presence my own spiritual energy connected to and blended with the same energy I had put out into the room and I became "extended". The ghost's presence would then "fade" as it got close to me. I could feel it trying to impact me with its own energy and then the energy would dissipate. It kept trying over and over again every 3 minutes or so for the first 30 minutes. Then it was every once in a while. I started to doze off. It woke me up again at 12pm. But again it's like it couldn't penetrate the area -like there was a force field. And I didn't have to do very much of anything, my soul just "kicked in" and I felt this tingling/reverberating energy come from me and connect to the energy around me. I felt safe. 

Then at 3am the ghost ramped up its energy as it tends to. The highlight of its night. The walls started cracking loudly and there were footsteps in the living room. It's like it was pacing and trying to get in from a distance. But when it tried to come close into my room making its presence felt -it still couldn't make a dent. It was kept at bay. Personally I got tired and decided to go get some sage the next day (today) and wack it upside the head with it.

But it's interesting to discover what really keeps negative entities away isn't that God comes in and defeats it in the typical sense but that You unite your energy to Gods and bring that energy into the space around you and it creates a buffer zone that the entity can't seem to enter. 

Update: Just found out there's a "spiritual shop" that sells crystals, sage, and other metaphysical necessities 5 minutes from here. God bless hippies. If they have Holy water I will quit my job today and start working there... 

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