Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Final Stretch

So close to ending this saga. Went to the Catholic church yesterday and found out they have a bowl of Holy water in the church -but you need to bring in your own empty bottle/vessel to put the water in. So then I went and got an empty bottle so when I go to the church today I can fill it up. I've also decided to give up coffee and hot chocolate for Lent. I hear rumor Lent lasts 40 days so I'll be coffee "sober" for the next month or so. 

You know what sucks? Constantly getting looked down on and judged for not drinking alcohol while everyone else either talks about getting drunk on wine or just enjoying the fine robust bouquet of champagne. I don't bug people for what they drink, why do people insist on making jests at me because I opt for apple cider over beer or wine? Sue me.

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