Thursday, March 20, 2014

Managing Ghost Activity 3-19-14

Last night around 6:45pm I took Agatha's advice and did exactly as she instructed to do. I was far more direct with the entity and in the center of my apartment told it out loud: "You are not allowed in my room at night. You are NOT allowed to wake me anymore. You can have the living room. But you can NOT bother me at night anymore. I will not communicate with you anymore if you bother me at night." 

I then went around blessing each room -doing spiritual exercise and sprinkling Holy water around. Then I went to bed. Nothing happened until 3am. Then the water/sewer/underground piping started having issues. Throughout the night it started making noises and loud shifting of water pressure. Meanwhile the ghost decided to become very active at this time. At one point I heard a clear footstep at the door of my bedroom and then SNAP! of the ceiling above. Step! Snap! I said, "Hey!" in a knock-it-off tone. It didn't come into my room last night, but after 3am it kept making the same old noises.

I then had 1 frightening dream and 1 amusing dream.

The frightening dream involved me waking up in my bed and noticing that the hallway light was off. I said, "What the heck!" and got up to turn it back on. The light wouldn't turn on so I then tried turning the bathroom light on. Those lights wouldn't turn on. Then in the bathroom doorway I felt this intense presence overwhelm my being and I started kneeling down in fear and a voice spoke and at first I couldn't make out what the deep, masculine words were. I told it, "I can't understand what you're saying." The entity told me: "I'm indifferent to your Christian practices and God. I don't care about Jesus Christ or your Holy water. I will continue to come and watch your faith die over the years as I grow stronger." I asked it if it was a demon and it said yes.

I didn't feel like it meant to harm me physically only break me down spiritually and frighten me. It was very dominant and strong. I then asked it what it's name was and it said "Matek" or something like that.

In the second, more upbeat dream I had: I was heading to school in San Diego? and everyone was really tan and wearing shorts. I thought, "Great I'm not going to fit in. Oh well." Then on the walk over to the school I noticed another high school that in the dream I had gone to. I started walking up some steps of the high school building and then started climbing up the banister along the stairs. Next thing I know I'm in full Spireman costume climbing upside down up the banister. Then I get to the top of the stairs and I realize I'm actually wearing a Spiderman T-shirt and jeans. Then while I'm dangling there upside down I think, "Wouldn't it be cool if there was a new movie about a female Spiderman? Like completely re-write the script/plot/setting to all the other Spiderman tales and create a new movie based around some girl being a Spiderwoman. 

Then I looked to the left and Leonardo DiCaprio was there! He was looking at me kind of amused and said, "You'd be great at creating dreams". I said, "I can direct a movie within a dream about a movie!" 

So there you have it. I had a dream about a movie idea while talking to someone from a movie about dreams. Quadruple Inception?

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