Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sage Doesn't Work

I got my first lighter yesterday. Had no idea how to work it. Was afraid I was going to burn my apartment down accidentally. I succeeded in not doing that. 

Sage is interesting because when you burn it you only really need to burn the top tips of it. It continues a slow burn and the smoke from it rises up. It has a heavy, almost perfumed sent like pine trees. I went from room to room, ceiling to floor burning the smoke. My kitchen got very foggy. My eyes started to burn. I started breathing in the fumes and decided: Sage must make it easier for a person to tap into their spiritual side -it kind of has this hazy effect on you. Or maybe I was just getting high off the fumes.

Either way my apartment was covered thoroughly. Then I got into bed -having also done my spiritual exercise in each room until my connection to the surrounding energy was almost tangible.

My bed covers felt lighter. I could tell nothing was pressing up against or weighing down my bedspace. I thought: Wow it's been 15 minutes and I haven't experienced anything. Yay! 30 minutes in I couldn't say the same. It felt like the entity was trying to make his presence felt at the edge of my bed but was less defined and successful about it.

I conked out quickly after that. I was dead asleep until 12:30am. Then I was awoken to the strong sense of spiritual energy being directed at me. It was pretty tense. The entity's presence was again -not solidified to a specific place but instead just sent energy my way. I got up and re-did my spiritual exercise in my room which connects me to God and the spiritual energy around me so I feel "built up" and can harness that energy to ward off the ghost. After that was established and kicked in, I fell back asleep until 1:30am. Then I re-re-did the spiritual exercise in my bed and went back to sleep. Until 2am when I was woken up again. Then 3am. Then 3:30am. Then 4:30am. Then 5:20am. Then I got up for the day.

WHAT IS THIS THING?!!!! Sage doesn't kill it and Holy water doesn't phase it and bringing Jesus into the situation only keeps it mildly at a distance. WTF???!!! Sage is supposed to keep these things away for at least 3 days. WHAT HAPPENED?! I seriously need to talk to some sort of psychic. It figures I would get stuck with some random, non-average, non-run-of-the-mill ghost that's impervious to normal spiritual remedies.

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