Thursday, March 13, 2014

Yesterday Was Quite a Day 3/13/14

Most of the day was lackadaisical. Then 3:30pm, with 30 minutes left of my work day, I was asked by my Marketing Manager to come into the conference room with me and he also asked the HR Manager to come in as well. I didn't think it was going to be good and I figured it had something to do with shipping. There've been 5 shipping issues that came up within the past 2 months which is pretty unprecedented. 

I got handed a Letter of Reprimand which basically says if I mess up again I'll get fired. I interned for this company from 2006-2010. They hired me full time 2011 and have been working there since. 3 years full time. And in one month they threaten to boot me. Good to know I'm so deeply valued here. 

I was hired as a Graphic Designer + Marketing Assistant. But it was also understood that since this is a small company I would also have other responsibilities -i.e. Shipping Coordinator responsible for shipping out all our products every Thursday. Last year in total I had 1 or 2 shipping errors. So why am I having so many in the past month or 2. I got to explain/defend my reasons in a Response Letter to the Letter of Reprimand. It was awesome because technically it's only about 30% my fault. Everything else was external issues that apparently no one else is aware of because - guess what - they don't work in the shipping department! I don't think a Letter of Reprimand was needed -especially with the threat of firing -when I was never asked WHY these things occurred in the first place.

Anyways so that had me feeling crappy and so I left work at 4pm to go and pick up my mentees for the At-Risk Youth Mentoring Meeting from 5:30pm - 9pm. Then on the way to pick them up, one of the girls called and said she was at her aunt's house and I needed to pick her up there. I don't have internet on my phone so I had to pull out my road map to look up her street address. It ended up adding an extra 30 minutes to Pickup Mentee Time. 

Then we showed up at the meeting. They had us start with a game which got me in a better mood because it was funny and basically just involved us looking stupid when called upon to do so. Since everyone was doing it and it was a big group it was pretty entertaining. 

Then the real exercise began and we sat at tables with our mentees and were handed a large, folded piece of paper. On the outside of the paper you had to everyone in the meeting write/describe what their first impression of you was -very honestly. Then once that was done you were to open up the inside of the paper and write down things about yourself that most people don't know about.

I decided to be very strait-forward and open with my mentees -and apparently they felt the same. 

For Mentee 1 I wrote: Pretty, Quiet, Looks Down on People, Caring to Friends

Mentee 2 I wrote: Pretty, Quiet, Smart/Clever, Gossipy

Both Mentees wrote the same thing on mine: Quiet + Mean 

Then we went around the room gathering everyone else's first impression opinions of us. I got Shy, Shy, Introspective, Quiet, Shy, Quiet, Nervous, Takes a while to open up, Shy but Open, Quiet, Shy, Smart, Artistic, Shy 

Then it was time to open up the paper and write everything about ourselves that most people didn't know. I went to town on that paper. Meanwhile my mentees weren't writing very much -mostly things like "Cutee" and "Sweet girl". I was surprised what other people (mostly fellow teens) had written on the outside of their paper: 

Mentee 1: Quiet but Wild, Nice, Stuck-up, Friendly, Shy, Shy, Only hangs out with girls she knows 

Mentee 2: Eyes, Those Eyes, Nice Eyes + Butt, Green Eyes, Smart, Cute, Eyes... 

I felt kind of bad that Mentee 2 was noted so much for her physical appearance -which may be why everyday she posts a new picture of herself posing in front of a mirror. It still shocks me that she's only 14 and has so many guys posting on her Facebook wall constantly rating her physical appearance and asking her to message them.

Finally 9pm rolled around and I dropped off my mentees. I then got to my apartment and went room to room doing my spiritual exercise/prayer. Then I got into bed. About 10 minutes in I started feeling a vague sense of presence. Then "Crack!" the walls made 2 loud snapping sounds and I knew the stupid ghost was making its presence known. My body/soul started to reverberate so I let it, trying to tap into the energy around me to expel the ghost like I had before. Then some weird stuff happened. I kept getting quick flashes in my head that were like screens of a tv that had lost its signal. I felt like the ghost was pressing up against me -trying to sink in to my body? I'm not sure. It was just weird. 

Then I eventually fell asleep. I woke up once around 2am but fell back asleep shortly after. Then at 4:00am I woke up -surprised that I hadn't been woken up multiple times before that. About 10 minutes after lying there trying to fall back asleep I started hearing footsteps coming slowly into my room. Then crack sounds on the walls started to happen again. I finally gave up and decided to start listening to music, which usually serves as a nice way to distract me from what's going on. I was just glad I got more sleep last night than usual.

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