Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kept At Bay

It's hard to come home late after a long day around 9pm and then go through the process of blessing your room -because at that point the rest of your home is too much to cover at this time of night. Honestly the thing that really makes the difference is after the blessing standing in front of the doorway of your room and say to whatever entity is lurking in the living room: Stay Out of My Room in the Name of Jesus Christ. 

Not that it listened when I first started to doze off. It actually felt like it was trying to envelope my body with itself. But I just kind of reminded myself, "I have the Holy Spirit in me. There's no way this thing can take over." And then I wait for it to go away after about 30 minutes of entity energy overlapping me. I wonder in the back of my mind if it is evil and this is its way of "getting in" and causing cancer or physical problems in my body -like planting seeds of disease.

But the rest of the night goes smoothly and although I hear noises off and on inevitably, it does not come in my room.

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