Friday, March 21, 2014

Visitation Yesterday

So yesterday I met with my at-risk youth mentor coach Tom. He mentors the mentors. I haven't particularly liked Tom because 1. He's overly emotional and 2. Doesn't listen/assumes things too freely. But last night we bonded over spirituality and Christianity/Catholicism. Now I think he's awesome. 

We sat down and he mentioned that he was in a prayer group and in that group they would pray for different people struggling with different things. In the group there was a psychic who predicted his son would get into a motorcycle accident and then spiritually healed him afterwards so he could walk. Tom also mentioned being led by the Holy Spirit when it came to talking to people and sensing what was wrong/going on behind the scenes. 

Basically Tom is lightly psychic, his wife is more deeply psychic, and he knows a psychic expert. For me it was kind of like the universe saying, "It's ok to be open to the possibility of being a psychic. They have a place and when what they do comes from God it can really help people in ways you've wanted to for years.

I always theorize over what is possible when a person dedicates their life to deep spiritual understand and connection to God and I think I'm being pushed in the direction of living out some of those theories.

Then today I went out to lunch with my step-mom and my dad and he asked how things were going at home with the ghost and I told him what Agatha the psychic had said about me. He said I should see if there were local people in the area who could help me -psychically -or go to my apartment and help me get rid of the ghost. I told him the ghost might be a "spirit guide" just trying to communicate and that Agatha told me to be blessed by a priest and/or a group of people. He agreed I should as well. 

Kari mentioned burning sage and I told her insistently that It Doesn't Work. She insisted that "It works in many cultures around the world and is proven to get rid of ghosts. You must not have done the sage ceremony right." I told her I did a thorough job of burning sage and that this thing probably wasn't a normal ghost -hence the reason telling it to go away in the name of Jesus Christ and the Holy water and the Sage haven't worked.

Then dad kind of got pissed at me and he said, "You need to wake up." I thought he was saying I was tired/not paying attention physically (due to my lack of sleep) so I said, "I am awake, I'm just sleepy." And he said, "No you need to Wake Up." And I said, "To what?" And he got angry and said, "I've told you and your sister lots of times that you have special abilities spiritually and you didn't listen and your always going to struggle with things like this because you are psychic and stuff..." And I was like, "I know. That's what Agatha said." And he said, "You're mom's not going to understand this. She doesn't know what any of this is..." And I said, "Mom's actually been on the same page with it -especially since she introduced me to Agatha and has seen Agatha read people psychically..." "She doesn't know or understand...". 

I thought it was interesting how little dad knows mom. Usually they're roles are reversed and mom is saying something falsely assumed about dad. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if mom said dad was oblivious to spiritual things like this. They've been divorced for 22 years but still assume they know everything there is to know about the other person. 

Update: Dad just start talking to me again. He said, "Well I've told you this stuff before..." I said, "I've known I'm spiritual for a while but I didn't know I was this spiritual." And he just kind of rolled his eyes at me and said, "There's stuff that I could tell you about but it's probably better if you just learn on your own. You have a lot of people around you who know about this stuff so you're in a better off position than I was." 

And I was like, WHAT? You can't tell me my dad was/is psychic. Lightly intuitive/aware of ghosts maybe but not psychic/reading people. He's an engineer. Who chose to move into a place that had a backyard attached to a cemetery. Even when I was 12 if you had asked, "Jessica would you move into a house with a cemetery attached to it?" I would have told you, "Hell No." Only a spiritually ignorant idiot would do that...

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