Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Bachelor

This show has bothered me for a while. Some corrections need to be made on it. It lacks some basic fundamental constructs that leave it little more than an obtrusive spectacle.

First off, the bachelor himself is always a douche-bag. Why can't they find a nice, decent guy? Someone you would actually root for. Like someone who has been considerate of others, just wants a simple life, and has been doing his own thing but just hasn't managed to find the right person. Instead we get "good-looking" decently wealthy punks who could find a nice girl on their own if they didn't have commitment issues and a busy schedule.

Secondly, the first 10 chicks they have on their don't count. They should be weeded out as quickly as possible. They are the "crazies" of the show meant to get some initial shock-and-awe. You now the ones. "Hi I'm Amber and even though we've only known each other 5 minutes I'm 150% certain you are the one and i want to bear your children. so where are you from?" The might as well just take the female rejects of the American Idol auditions and send they right over. "Sorry you didn't quite make the cut here with your rendition of that one song from the musical Cats... in full costume... but there's another show we think you'd be perfect for!"

Thirdly, there are really only 3 women who are even remotely compatible with the bachelor. Why can't they find some real women. All we've got is Miss America contestants -perfectly poised and perfectly annoying. What about some real down-to-earth women you would actually root for???

Lastly, the premiss of the show has a fatal flaw that prevents its primary objective -a man finding his soul mate- from ever being realized. Love is not meant to be a buffet tray you choose from by having a taste of each item. If this were the real world and you were caught kissing 3 different women, none of them would choose to stay with you. Love is 2 people finding each other, not 1 person choosing from 12 women to see which one best suits him. It is unevenly balanced and the women spend more time focused on competing with each other then really establishing whether there is a genuine bond with the man. and the man spends more time debating and comparing women back and forth than focusing on really connecting to just one.

If the bachelor was wise he would find one woman he had a decent connection with and forget about the others. Focus on just one. Unfortunately the show is designed to contradict that intent and the imbalanced chaos inevitably ensues. Good for ratings -bad for anyone on the show who thinks anything real could possibly manifest out of all the bullsh*t.

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