Monday, February 11, 2013

Being Vague

Being too vague is a vice of a Pisces -and something I've been suffering from lately :(

Last Friday I met with my friend Kim (who use to work at the company I work at now).

Kim is a Virgo turned Capricorn. She's a young soul though, with childlike tendencies. Not immaturity perse -but innocence, wonder, and a giddy energy that seeks fun. But she is also verrrry spiritual. Not religious, but spiritual as in: interested in spiritual yoga, mind mapping, past lives, and so on.

Kim is hosting a weekly journaling workshop that focuses on different (sometimes spiritual) ways to write and discover what to write about. The first exercise she had us do was list 90 Things We Love. At first I said, "Oh that's easy." Than I actually tried it.

When I finished with about 60 things we compared lists. Kim's list was far more descriptive. She would use whole phrases and long descriptions for the items on her list. I was far more vague -listing categories more than things. "Nature, animals, family, chocolate, avocados, scent of rain on pavement, dreaming, friends, God..." With the exception of a few things, I found it hard to come up with more specific things and seemed to revert to just listing things that were more of an overview.

The next exercise involved imagining ourselves as a place (like an island or a land) and then describing in the first person what we were like. I sucked at this.

First off I never used the word "I". My words were:

We have horses, goats, rabbits, cats, dogs, and many other lovable animals that inhabit the island.
You can do many things here: like biking, swimming, traveling down marked trails, having barbeques...

The words "we" came up when I should have used "I" and it was more like a sales pitch to the listener "you".

Then when Kim read hers it was like, "The water falls softly on my sand, imprinting its mark along the shores of waves crashing on..."

It was detailed and descriptive -focusing on specific elements that when placed together wove the image of the place -rather than just saying it in one summarized lump.

I find that this struggle to be more specific flows over into conversations I have with people. I want to give detail and direct references to things, but can't seem to remember them clearly or articulate my points well. I feel like an idiot. For me, I just think the main point is what matters and I lose sight of the details.

I think this is why God made me near-sighted. When things are right in front of me I see them quite clearly, but overall things are one big blob of impressionistic painting. I can't see the details in the things around me -at least not without glasses.

I think the way we think affects the way we see -and sometimes it can even become the way we literally see.

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