Thursday, February 21, 2013

God's Song

God is the orchestrator and we are His symphony. Each person has their part to play, but does not know when until it is instructed. And so in silence we wait, listening for our cue.

We see others play their tunes beside us -admiring how well they play to a song so many others can't hear.

Then at last we are called upon and we play. Our notes rise and fall in unison with those around us.

And then at times we are asked for a solo -to play alone while others stay silent to listen to the song we have to play in the symphony.

Each turn reminding us of the great gifts we have been individually endowed with. Each unique to its own person and yet just as beautiful as the next.

And yet we wonder why chaos and disharmony come into our ears from time to time. And we see that some choose not to listen. They play for themselves to a song that is out of tune.

They play to step away from others -to get attention for themselves.

They don't care about the symphony or God's lead or the song they were intended to play.

They only care about themselves. And their song is always shallow and gives nothing but a monotone. 

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