Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zodiac Evaluation: Football Players

I went on an NFL site because I had a theory about the Zodiac signs and football players. It turned out I was wrong, but it revealed something that I deemed important to know none the less.

First off -I've seen football games on TV -but aside from Friday Night Lights which I've come to love -no me gusta futbol americano. It was my assumption that the majority of football players would be Fire Signs -after all fire signs have athletic determination and dominant tendencies making them particularly endowed for such sports. To check, I found a list of various NFL teams and their top 4 or 5 noted players listed with their dates of birth. Some of the teams didn't have players listed so I only found a total of 12 teams.

The Teams: Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots, Washington Redskins, Denver Broncos, SF 49ers, Seattle Seahawks.

In total 54 players were listed -with their birth dates. Unfortunately I don't know the players so I cannot assess which sign in their birth element they currently are. However a distinct pattern was shown for the majority of birth dates given.

The Elements:

32% of the players were Water Signs
24% Fire Signs
22% Air
22% Earth

The Signs:

16% Scorpio
16% Aquarius

11% Leo
11% Taurus

9% Virgo
9% Cancer

7% Sagittarius

5% Pisces
5% Aries

4% Libra

2% Gemini
2% Capricorn

Yin and Yang were shown to be equal with neither being favored over the other.

Repeated Dates:

March 15th (came up 2 times)
July 16th (2 times)
September 14th (2 times)
November 9th (2 times)
November 14th (2 times)

Assessment of Results:

Well it's not exactly a shocker that Gemini and Libra were at the bottom of the totem pole. Both are far more mentally-oriented and not exactly known for being physical -they're known for harmony, beauty, and love above all else.

Capricorn was a little confusing I suppose -they they too are usually pretty practical and more philosophical-minded.

Aries was a surprise -given my presumed theory. Pisces not so much -they're pretty spiritual and ethereal. Leo and Taurus made sense -being both physically and emotionally oriented. Perfect for sports.

Along the same lines Scorpio would makes sense. Aquarius threw me for a loop. I'd have put them in the same bucket as Libra and Gemini.

My theory: I'm still not entirely certain why Scorpio would lead the pack above Taurus and Leo, but given the fact that they are smart and physical -it is a winning combination.

My sister actually shed light on why the Fire Sign count was so low and the Aquarius signs were so frequent: Fire signs are dominant -not exactly team players. Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio would make an awesome team of people. Smart, physical, and in the case of the Aquarius, a spiritual leader. Michael Jordan for example is a well known Aquarius.

Aquarius are also very competitive from what I've seen. So given this I now have a new theory:

For team sports that involve more than one player: Aquarius will always be high on the count. The leader sign of the Air signs which also gets along well with others.

For individual sports that involve only one person -probably Fire Sign driven. Like tennis, swimming,
baseball and so on...

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