Monday, June 30, 2014

Ghost -Experience -Intense

The ghost activity has been ramping up since last Thursday (it's Monday now).

It is really really really hard to combat something spiritually in general, but especially when you're feeling tired because it's the middle of the night and even frightened. You're mostly giving yourself a pep talk trying to convince yourself it's not that frightening.

Saturday night started to roll around. 9pm. In bed. Loud cracks on the walls -not the nice snapping like before, but larger banging cracks. Intense feeling of energy filling the entire room like a wave about to crash over you. And then 2 things happened. 

The first was the feeling of an arm rising up from the mattress under me -on my back. This scared the sh*t out of me. I jolted up and looked at the sheets and thought, "It's not possible for something to rise from within the mattress up through the surface like that." 

So at that point I started making a game plan -If things don't quiet down I'll go to my dad's house. It's like my safety, backup place to go.

I kept telling myself, "I ask the holy spirit to come in me and protect me. I ask my guardian angels to protect me. This does not belong to me, send it back 10,000 fold with clear intent." 

Then the last straw hit. I was feeling the pokes and touches along my arm and trying to ignore it. Then "plop!" The entity sat right down on the mattress beside my legs. It was as if someone out of thin air just sat down and depressed the sheets. 

I actually yelled, "Hey!" and got up immediately from the bed. I packed my stuff and went to my dad's. I slept on the couch downstairs. I could feel the entity trying to make its presence felt, but for whatever reason it didn't stay. I think it was my cat. My cat was laying by my head on the couch.

Last night I was getting ready for bed and I thought, "What if things happen again? What the heck am I going to do?" So I kind of decided right then that I'd just kind of give up, not battle the thing, and let whatever happens happen. I still did my nightly routine of praying to God -The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. And my Guardian Angels. I asked them to protect me and keep this demon/entity away.

So I started listening to some peaceful music and the ghost as usual started making noises and touching my legs and arms. Then I reached this state where I just felt very peaceful. So I thought, "I Am Peace. I Am Light. I Am Grace." And I just tried radiating that energy out. And another thought occurred to me: "Doesn't this entity want peace? That's all anybody wants. Just to lie down the sword and subside in peace." So I asked it in my thoughts as I was trying to radiate energy out -"Don't you want peace? Let's stop all this and just find peace."

Initially it did dissipate. There was a notable difference and it did seem to keep it away. That faded as the night went but again I saw that not begin frightened or aggressive and instead embodying a peaceful, respectful state gets me further ahead when trying to keep this thing away.

Then around 10pm something unusual happened. My eyes were closed and I was laying off to the side. Normally when the entity comes around a "shadow" will pass over my eyelids like something blocking out the sun. I feel a heaviness and I see a darker shadow pass over. But this time from my right there came a bright light. And it confused me when it first started so I opened my eyes thinking a flashlight or something was giving off the light, but the room was normal. So then I thought, "Maybe a guardian angels is finally coming in." So I shut my eyes and went with it. 

And sure enough the light got very bright -like someone shining a flashlight in your closed eyelids. And the light moved from the right side of my face to the left, then came back to center. The light then dimmed a little and I felt a sense of peace and calm come with it. It felt like the room cleared. Then it went away and it felt like the entity kind of stepped back into the space. It didn't invade the space, but I could tell it was still around. 

*Update 7/1/14

Last night was interesting. I had kind of a breakthrough. I was really really connected to God and felt like I made kind of a sacred space in my room after doing my nightly ritual of reaching out to Him. But then the ghost kind of started making its presence known again. But I kept thinking, "It's entering into a sacred space. This is a space of God -like church. It's an unholy entity entering sacred space." And that mentality made me less fearful of the entity and more protected by God and the room. 

As the night went on, the entity really started ramping up its energy. It felt like it was projecting this energy at me and filling the entire room with it. But it honestly didn't effect me. I actually thought it was kind of pathetic and amusing. It had no real power. It couldn't really do anything. It just kind of got annoying when it woke me up a couple times.  

*Update 7/02/14

I got 2 hours of sleep last night. Only 2 hours. The ghost was relentlessly bothering me. Finally at some point I decided to retaliate. I said, "I'm going to pretend like this ghost exists solely for my benefit. I am going to take its energy -since it seems to have abundant amounts -and absorb it like a sponge into my soul." I then proceeded to draw and take the energy from the entity and gather it into myself. It was kind of hard, but also kind of worked. I am so resourcefully versatile when it comes to creating solutions to my ghost problems.  

*Update 7/03/14

Got a good nights sleep last night... at my dad's house. I was lying in bed around 8pm because I was so zonked from the day and lack of sleep when the ghost came round and started messing with me. It essentially spooned me as I was lying on my side. And ti lightly shook the bed. So I said screw this and I yelled at it to leave. Then the activity increased and my ears started ringing louder and louder. So I got up and decided to do a full meditation sitting on the side of my bed. This essentially "cleared" the room and my mind. The room felt different -lighter and open. But the second I laid in bed again, the ghost activity started. 

It kept harassing me. I shut my eyes and saw what seemed like light fragments and sparks popping up against the dark shadow that was the entity. I honestly think my guardian angels/Holy Spirit attempted to make this thing back away. But it took about 10 minutes or so for that attempt to actually succeed. And when the space when the space was "empty" and the ghost activity diminished there was still a subtle vibrating energy around.

I knew that at night it would come back again full force. So I packed up my stuff and spent the night at my dad's house. 2 times during the night I felt the ghost come round and the energy fill the room. But it only lasted a minute or two and then dissipated. I don't know why it goes away -especially since the only other being around is my cat -but it does. I slept great! I feel really rejuvenated now. But I really really want this thing gone.

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