Monday, June 16, 2014

Hannibal Dilemma

I recently found a ton of these hilarious Hannibal memes on Pinterest and my first instinct was to share them with my friend Alex. 

And I thought, "I can't send them to him via email because there's too many. And sending over Twitter would take 2 years given how many there are." 

Then I thought, "Wait, I'm meeting with him this Friday for dinner, maybe he can see them on an online site I post to since his cell gets internet." 

But then I thought, "I can't post via Tumblr because it's entirely nature-themed and that would be awkward for the 6 total people following my Tumblr then see a random sea of Hannibal posts on what was otherwise a very pleasant look at oceans and sunset skies."

And then epiphany! Blogspot. 

So now I'm going to post excessive amounts of funny Hannibal meme commentary that will seem irrelevant to people who have either never seen the show or no nothing about the basic plot to the Hannibal series.

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