Monday, June 2, 2014

Envy Focus

Lately the universe has been telling me the same thing about guys, and it's really starting to make me re-think some things about the way I live. Guys have long since been known to function mentally in 1 Compartment At a Time. They get laser focused on one thing and they don't move on from that thing until it is complete/resolved. Women on the other hand can multi-task into oblivion and often like variety/switching things up.

I have seen and run into this problem myself. Knowing when to focus on one thing and commit to it with everything you've got and when to juggle multiple things at once. I've recently witnessed first-hand what happens when a woman tried to lead (especially a large group of people) and has more of a scattered/stretched -out focus on things. Basically like the limbs of a tree that do not get the nutrients they need because the nutrients went instead to closer branches -the areas and goals and missions you try to accomplish but give the least amount of focus to ALWAYS FAIL. That which you keep the most distance from while trying to achieve will not be attained. But what you do keep close and focus on regularly and manage on a day-to-day basis WILL be achieved.

I think this is one reason why men are usually a little more successful at leading then women. They have the ability to "cut away the fat" and dive head first into achieving their primary objective. I've experienced this in my life as well -especially now that I'm trying to transition out of spreading myself too thin. Most people tell you to list your top 3 goals to achieve throughout the year. Maybe it should be narrowed down to just 1 main goal. Just one. A BIG one. But just one.

I want to get strong. I want to be spiritually and physically strong. I want the bonds of the friendships that I have and my relationships with others to be strong. I want strength/ empowerment. 

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