Monday, June 2, 2014

Need the Ghost Busters

Well last night was interesting. For the first time in a couple weeks I was genuinely frightened by the entity. It's energy is getting really intense. It fills the whole room now. And then there's the snapping of the walls, the footsteps into my room, the presence by my bed, and the hand on my shoulder. No physical harm has come to me though. I keep trying to figure out who this is and what it wants. I've asked it multiple times and still it never appears to me and it never speaks. It's just physicality and energy. 

It kept waking me up. It hasn't done that for a while now. It has been letting me sleep once I am asleep and I've been sleeping through the night. Last night it re-opened it's original office hours. 11pm. 2am. 3:30am. 5:30am. And when things first started to get intense I felt weak and powerless. I thought, "Well I'm screwed. I'll just let it scratch me or kill me or do whatever I can't stop it anyway." Then at 2am when I really started getting frightened, I finally hit this amazing space of peace and calm. I focused on The Holy Spirit and creating a spiritual buffer zone around myself and I kept repeating, "Everything's going to be alright." And it worked! It didn't stop the entity or anything, but it made me less afraid of it and then its presence/energy dissipated slowly after that. It's not the best way to handle things in that it doesn't solve the problem, but it does make the problem easier to handle. 

I'm going to go to church this Sunday. Both the 11am church and the 5pm church. I'm going to ask the 11am church people to "pray over me" like they offer to do for people up at the front of the room after each service. We'll see what happens.

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