Tuesday, June 3, 2014

God Provides

Necessity is an interesting thing. 

I needed $500. I could go without the "extra" $500 and just draw directly from the funds I've been saving to make up for the cost, but getting an "extra" $500 bonus somewhere in my life would be nice so I could neutrally pay for this 1 month speaking class. Then I got my tax-return check in the mail. $500.

I really really wanted to find someone to fill my space since I'm slowly backing out of my involvement with my friend's women's group. I've been her right-hand "man" for 2 years and wanted someone by her side who could fill that space and take her business/group to wherever it is heading. I was worrying and trying to figure out who I could get to replace me -knowing there was no one I new currently in my Rolodex who could do it. Then my friend sat me down to have a talk with me.

"Where do you see yourself in the next year or two with this business?" It's funny how a business that isn't even mine, that I haven't been getting paid for, and have been losing money in is taken as seriously as my full-time job. "Your options are these: 

1. Get paid as a "consultant" or "contract worker" who we occasionally ask to make graphics and flyers and marketing collateral for our business as purely a graphic designer.

2. Commit full-time in effort and part-time in actual time and become a "business partner". This may involve contributing  a larger financial amount as we go forward. 

3. Saying goodbye and completely dropping out is not an option, but being less involved and only filling the Marketing Director position you are filling now until your 1 year commitment is up is the last option." 

And how could she afford to say that Option #2 was no longer THE ONLY OPTION like it has been for the past 2 years? 2 friends she works with in her other business she actually profits form have decided to participate in this venture. They are now her main strategists and marketing leaders. Now the 3 of them -who have worked closely for a couple years now in their other business - are looking at me like, "Who is this chick, why is she still around, where does she stand long-term, what are we going to do with her?" 

I've become the 4th wheel!!! I went from being the only other wheel to the 4th WHEEL!!! It's awesome! My dreams came true and now I can take my Option#1 position and bow out gracefully knowing 2 successful business women my friend is close to can take her vision and women's group to wherever it is destined to end up.

"Are you sure you don't want to be a partner and walk out on any future profits in this business we will make? Because we will make it big someday and be worth millions of dollars."

I actually do hope my friends business makes it. Given enough time and effort it will make millions. It's like founding Facebook and then walking out just when it's really starting to launch. But for me it was never about the money. I just wanted to help my friend achieve her vision because it was something I believed in as well. I saw the value in it and the value in investing in her as a person. I never thought I'd make millions from it. I don't really think I wanted to. Not full-time everyday working for her business. I just wanted the business itself to succeed. And now it can. It will be fulfilled in ways I couldn't by women who are much more business-savvy than I am.

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