Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Robin's New Video

Oh good so it wasn't just me. My first thought was that Hannibal Lecter was directing Robin Thicke's music video "Get Her Back" -but then I figured I was alone in this opinion. It was a well established opinion too... 

The videos mostly in black/dark tones. Robin's got blood on his face. The video depicts a naked woman being drown. Flashes of the woman wearing a skeleton's mask. Robin saying he wasn't doing anything wrong and wants to be forgiven for "mistakes" made against he woman.

It's basically the same video I'd imagine Hannibal making for Will Graham months after he'd murdered him, lamenting the loss of his only friendship. 

But this article proves I am not alone! Other people thought it was creepy/dark as well! And they also added that it depicted violence against women -Which is great news for Robin since he already pissed them off by demeaning them last time by treating them like objects in his last video.Can't wait to see the way his next vid turns out.


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