Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Frequent Shootings

May 23 2014 -Isla Vista Shooting

June 5th 2014 - Seattle Pacific University Shooting 

June 6th 2014 -Moncton, Canada Shooting 

June 8th 2014 - Las Vegas Shooting

June 10th 2014 - Oregon, Reynolds High School Shooting  

These things are becoming a little too frequent... 


June 24th 2014 -Miami Shooting  

June 29th 2014 -Bourbon Street Shooting in New Orleans  

July 4th Weekend, 2014 -Chicago Shootings (Numerous, Separate Shootings -60 shot, 15 dead)  

July 9th -National Guard Armory in Tennessee Shooting 

July 10th -Houston, Texas Shooting (6 killed, 4 were children)

July 13th -Stamford Connecticut Nightclub Shooting  

July 17th -California Bank Robbery and Gun Battle Shootings 

July 20th Weekend -Chicago Shootings (40 killed, one was an 11 year old girl)  

July 24th -Pennsylvania Hospital Shooting

July 27th - Family of 5 Shooting in Maine (3 were Children)  

July 29th - Child Molester Shootout in New York 

August 2nd - Bronx "Music Video" Shooting

August 3rd -Culpeper, VA Shooting (3 were Children) 

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