Friday, June 20, 2014

Ghost Management System

Last Saturday I was lying in bed getting ready to go to sleep. Then I felt a tremble on my leg and then this feeling like a heavy pocket of energy on the right side of me by my leg. I started feeling fingers run along my skin. At some point it reached my stomach. I felt it so clearly that I wondered if the thin sheet over me would show any signs of movement like what I felt on my skin. 

So I strained my eyes and glanced over at the sheets and just stared at them. And then my heart started pounding as I watched as a little wave of movement passed over the sheets making their surface rise and fall with the movement of its hand. 

I grabbed my cell phone and turned on the video recorder in hopes of documenting it. But my phone is crap and all it captured was pure darkness even though it was pretty light in the room and I could see clearly. 

I've been having trouble staving off the ghost this past 2 weeks. Every time I ramp up my energy it does the same and it feels like its a battle of souls impeding on each other's space. And at some point, usually because it's in the middle of the night, I get exhausted and kind of "give up". 

Then at the last speaking session I had with the small group of women, the group leader Lynn said something kind of helpful. She said, "If you ever get an ache or a pain and it isn't caused by anything you have done, you might be taking on someone else's pain. We take on other people's emotional and physical pain all the time. So when that happens just say to yourself very clearly, This doesn't belong to me. I am sending this back 10,000 fold with clear intent. Just keep repeating it to yourself as if someone has handed you an object that isn't yours that you don't want.

So the other night I tried this with the ghost. At first I did it in kind of a pissed off way, where I was aggressively repeating the mantra to myself. But after a couple minutes I gathered myself and focused my energy on my "heart center chakara" and really tried to make the words flow forward with grace and peace. 

The way I'd describe it is like speaking words of sand. It's like speaking a soft stream of water. You have to let the words flow out of you in a peaceful way -as if you were solidified and this was just dust you were brushing off your shoulder. I noticed an immediate shift in my energy and the alleviation of the ghosts energy. The ghost essentially faded. It kept coming back about every 10 minutes for the first 40 minutes or so, but each tie I'd say the mantra in that peaceful way and it would vacate. 

I have found a far more resilient and consistent solution to keeping the ghost at bay. It may seem like a small victory, but considering how many nights this thing has bothered me -about a year now -I am thankful this technique is working so well.

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