Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My 4th Heart

I've accumulated 4 of these now... 

My 1st List:

-Pure Soul

My 2nd List:

-Great Energy 

My 3rd List:
-Firmly Rooted  

My 4th List from Last Night: 

-On Fire

I definitely did better last night. The trick is to tap into your lower chakara AND your heart chakara at the same time. Being firmly grounded and strong in stance and then projecting outwardly in connection with the audience. And then having the confidence to back it up by getting out of your head and focusing on being present. 

When I first started speaking it was still kind of from a head space, then my mind would go blank, I'd glance off to the side, then I'd remember to look back and focus on establishing a gaze and connection with people, then I'd continue speaking because my thoughts returned to me. 

At one point we were asked to find within our souls what message we were meant to share with the group. We did this during a light meditation exercise. I had no idea what my soul wanted to say so I silently asked it, "What message do you want me to speak?" 4 words then came to me out of thin air, very clearly. 

The first word was "Patience" which is a word I have lived my whole life. I've only had struggles maintaining it in the past year, because before that I was infinitely patient. Patience allows me to deal with people I would otherwise be in conflict with, it allows me to make way for faith in situations that are uncertain, and it allows me to ponder my actions before committing to them. 

The second word was "Water" -which means a lot to me, but is hard to convey the message of to others. Water is a living liquid which gives rise to life and allows things to grow. It is clear and transparent. It is strong, flowing, and replenishing. Many lessons can be learned by the nature of water. 

The third word was "Clarity" which is a big word for me because it is a necessity in my life. Most of my frustrations in life come from not being clear on where I'm going or what I'm doing. It also comes from other people not being clear with me or me not being more transparent with others. Clarity leads to Understanding. 

The last word was "Hearing" -which is weird because normally I go for the word "listening". I am really really good at listening. I take in what people say and reflect on things and occasionally share my thoughts back in discussion. Hearing on the other is more of a physical act that involves being present to what is being sounded verbally. It's more instinctual and involves being more engaged with your surroundings. I struggle with being present a lot, so although I may listen and get the main point I sometimes don't "hear" the details and stay present with the person speaking.

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