Friday, June 27, 2014


I went to the "lady doctors" yesterday. The technical word is  Gynecologist I guess. 

I thought it had been 2 years since I'd last gone. Turns out it has been 4 years. Time sure does fly... Holy crap. 

You're supposed to go once a year to get a check up. But I was pretty busy and then I forgot and then I didn't call and then... so time went by. Finally went yesterday. I still haven't had a mammogram. Occasionally I will get a little paranoid about breast cancer and worry I might have it or get it. I can never tell on my own if I have it or not. It feels like a bean bag -it's always got lumps in there. I just leave it to the professionals. 

Going to the Gynecologist is also how I know that I'm one of the most boring people on the planet. 

Do you drink? No

Do you smoke? No 

Do you have a sexually transmitted disease? No 

Are you sexually active? No 

When's the last time you had sex? Never 

Do you exercise? Nooo....wait, YES! I've recently gotten into yoga. 

Ok now that those questions are done... What do you do for a living? Marketing Assistant. 

I'm boring, but I'm also safe/not dying so I can't complain. 

I did ask my doctor if she had any regular Primary Care Physicians she would recommend to me. She actually had an on-site list. 

Here's what happened with my last doctor (kind of a recap actually): 

He was a creepazoid and I look on Yelp and it was confirmed by other women that he was a creepazoid. 

I then was applying for a Blue Shield HMO plan and had to list my doctor. I asked around and everyone recommended this other guy as a doctor. As it turns out the recommended doctor was the guy who delivered me when I was born. So then I tried applying to get him as my new doctor but he wasn't taking on any new patients. 

So when it came time for me to list who my primary care doctor was, I listed him anyway. I decided it was better to have no doctor/ an imaginary doctor than a creepazoid doctor. 

So now I have a list of recommended doctors and I'm going through the list and tragically creepazoid was named on there. But there's another doctor -a Woman -who is highly highly highly praised upon on Yelp. 5 Stars! And she takes Blue Shield. I'm going to shoot for her and see if she's taking on new patients. 

If not my only other option is a woman who just started as a doctor in 2013 after 6 years of medical training.

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