Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vision of God

I had a dream last night and when I woke up it made me think. 

I always envision God as being this infinite boundless presence of being with no face that kind of expands the sky. But in reality based on what the Bible says and even common sense at some point you realize you can see God, in person, in Heaven. 

Christ will sit on a thrown beside God. God made man in His image. He is a Father. He is a "person". 

I think people, aka me, imagine God being vast and wide and vague because we feel distant form Him physically and it's hard to imagine being literally in His presence standing right in front of Him. Imagining Him as an actual person makes brings Him that much closer into view and that much more tangible.

We're taught that to think of God in this way demeans Him. It belittles Him. But I think it's the honest version of Him. The reason I've never thought of Him that way is because it never really occurred to me that it was possible for Him to be that way. And yet it seems to be the case. He is a Golden Man/Person. He is a loving Father.

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