Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Frustration via Fed-Ex and Jos and Brandnex

Fed-Ex Issue

We shipped 9 packages to an anal, high-maintenance company via Fed-Ex Ground at the end of May to Texas. From Texas the 9 boxes were to be consolidated and shipped via another carrier. Well guess what happened...

4 of the 5 boxes went missing. 2 of the 4 were returned to us 2 weeks after the original ship date. Another was then found in Utah and shipped back to us. The 4th still hasn't been found. $2000 worth of product is now lost and I had to file a claim.

We've had multiple issues with this company's shipments proving once and for all, Simplify Life. When you try and over-complicate things because you want to control every aspect of life itself you end up shooting yourself in the foot. 

And today 2 packages from the 15 that were shipped out to the same company via Fed-Ex Ground last Friday just came back. And look at the condition of before/after... 

6/19/14 Update: The missing box has been found! Apparently Utah is where Fed-Ex has a "Lost and Found" for all their misplaced boxes and they found the one they'd lost. Yay!

The Jos Issue

I told my friend Jos that I wanted to start gracefully backing out of our women's group -even though our now non-profit mentoring program for women entrepreneurs is being called a success by most people.

She acknowledged this and told me 2 new women she has worked with were essentially going to be replacing me. I then accepted the SMALL role of being a Marketing Officer for the mentoring program for the rest of the year. Then she promoted that role to Marketing Director and despite me telling her I DID NOT want to lead anyone or a team, she then gave me 2 underlings. 

Now every 5 seconds she sends me emails of more crap to do. 

So far today I've been given the tasks of: 

1. Purchasing more purple and pink tabs to put on chairs at the mentoring event to denote who is a mentee and who is a mentor

2. Post an announcement and flyer of the upcoming mentoring event on social media (which is within my scope of responsibility)

3. Email a long list of people a shpeel about the upcoming event 

4. Create a nice looking graphic that represents the ever changing Org Chart (graphic enough to look nice, but changeable enough for anyone to go in and edit -aka a Word Doc.) 

This is all added to my looooonnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg already pre-existing list that has been piling up over the days and continues to endlessly grow.  

It's a good thing I looked at the list again actually. I've been avoiding it and now I see I have 225 "Acknowledgement" cards to create and print. 

Here's a brief glance at it:

Which brings me to the Brandnex Issue:

There is a company called Brandnex that allows you to create custom tattoos and wristbands featuring your logo. In April... APRIL... 2 Months ago I ordered 20 wristbands for $60. They said it would take a month to get them. Still haven't seen them.

Then on May 20th, I was asked to order 100 tattoos for $60 featuring a soccer logo for a woman who was commissioning me to create the tattoos. They said it would take 1 week to get them. 1 month later... still no tattoos.

So I immediately emailed the people at Brandnex and they told me, "Whoops looks like we don't have your logo design. Can you resend it to us so we can start on the tattoos and wristbands." 1 month late and you;re JUST NOW getting started??? How could you have lost BOTH logo designs???! And why didn't you email ME that you didn't have them?!!! Fired. Just FIRED. 

6/19/14 Update: The tattoos finally arrived today. Yay!

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