Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"Feminist" Post

So I kind of wanted to vent on recent events but have nowhere to do it. My Tumblr is nature-themed. Facebook doesn't listen to political-social posts (mostly cat pictures and jokes). Twitter doesn't respond to my retweets (I'm not sure my followers care). But this is my blog. My open space to talk about ghosts, my trip to Universal Studios, sharks, movies... EVERYTHING. So I'm posting it here. 

I know that a lot of companies are run by very vocal CEOs -like Virgin Airlines for example. And these CEOs and businessmen are often times very religious -like Chick Fil A. 

And I could understand as an employer not wanting to support something that goes against your deeply-held religious beliefs. I would even argue that a company should not have to support paying for ABORTION.   

But CONTRACEPTION -the act of preventing an unwanted pregnancy -is NOT Abortion. In fact I would argue that God brought about contraception that husbands and wives might not be so burdened by having so many children (an over-populating the already over-populated planet). Birth Control also (in the case of birth control pills) helps regulate a woman's menstrual cycle, complexion, and PMS issues. These are significant health-benefits to women. 

I don't think a company -especially a male-dominated one, or one run by a man -should infringe upon the physical health of a woman. 

One man in our office said, "You know what a good way to prevent pregnancy is for women? don't have sex." 

Then another male co-worker sitting next to him said, "But what if you're married?..." 

Then the other man replied, "Oh... yah..." 

Especially since both are married men. 

The fact that Hobby Lobby still supports vasectomys and Viagra just pisses me off even more.  

Invested In Numerous Abortion And Contraception Products While Claiming Religious Objection

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