Sunday, March 20, 2016

Unspoken Republican Irony

I was open-minded in the beginning and was hopeful that there might actually be a legitimate Republican candidate this year that people could turn to. I want a great LEADER to be president, regardless of party affiliation. Once you reach the White House you aren't a democrat or a republican -you're the President. The primary goal of the president being to UNIFY our country and maintain PEACE. 

But these aren't the principals that are the greatest irony to the Trump campaign. I find it strange that the Republican base would utterly ignore some well know statistics with regard to its own demographics. Traditionally speaking Black people and Hispanic people tend to vote REPUBLICAN. So alienating members of those races in particular is self-defeating. 

More to the point, if one of the many traditionally Republican leaning African Americans in this country were to try to go to a Trump rally since he is currently leading the race, that individual would stand to face a great deal of harsh treatment just by being present. The risks of undoubtedly being assumed to be a representative member of #BlackLivesMatter or just the general racism oriented towards black people from the present White Supremacists who make it no secret that they support Trump are alarming issues themselves. 

If racists or people against #BlackLivesMatter didn't want you to be there you would almost automatically be kicked out -let alone harassed or beaten. The same would occur to Hispanics or people of next to any other race for that matter. 

So Trump may have a decently sized following right now, but he leaves people of every other race no option than to abandon their previously held political party and vote for a Democrat -or not vote at all. 

Which leads to this strange slide of understanding. If you WERE a Republican and are NOW voting for a Democrat, which would you most likely choose? The woman who has upheld Republican tendencies until recently or the die-hard Democrat who's always upheld democratic principles? I would bet upwards of 80% of all former Republicans forced to abandon their party do to the Trump-factor would most likely vote for Hillary do to her past policies. 

Which is ironic considering how many Republicans in general HATE her. But when it comes to POLICY she is the more Republican of the 2 presidential candidates for Democrat. 

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