Monday, March 14, 2016

Of Mountains and Pyramids

Over the past couple month I've experienced the spiritual benefits of going high into the mountains to walk around. Being that high up in God's terrain with very little negative human influence is very uplifting. You feel deeply re-energized. And it makes sense given how many times in the Bible (as well as with other religions) it is noted that something miraculous occurred on or with mountains. 

And I've come to understands the Pyramids as a man-made structure emulating similar qualities to mountains. They are essentially spiritual conductors of metaphysical energy. Like a cell tower for your soul. 

And I have noted in my meditations -especially when attempting to cross over entities -when the Golden Pyramid (sometimes with the Eye of God above it) appears. This is the stairway to Heaven. An easier means for some souls to rise to that place above. 

So today I meditated. I was mostly praying for other people -especially those who claim to be in unity with God who do not seem to be following in alignment with the Compassion of Heaven. And this image came to me. 

And I immediately thought, "What should I do with this, now knowing what it means?" And so since my friend gave me a new drawing notebook for my birthday I decided it would be a good idea to log these kinds of images I receive from Heaven in there since I do get some from time to time. 

At first the heart appeared to me and I did not know what it meant other than Love/Compassion... and since it had wings like Angels maybe Divine Love. 

Then the Golden Pyramid appeared behind with God's Eye above it and I understood: "Divine/Compassionate Love LEADS to Heaven and God." 

You CAN wish someone who claims to follow God or Christianity to receive Compassionate Understanding, but it is easier for those people to genuinely follow God and their Faith when they ALREADY are in alignment with Compassionate Love. The one will lead to the other. 

I still pray God reaches some people though. There is too much love needed on this planet that people could give if they actually followed along with Heaven instead of just claiming to. 

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