Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Controversy of Vegetarianism

So I was scrolling through Twitter yesterday and these 2 images came up:

It seemed to be signalling something I was meant to pay attention to, though at the time I thought it wasn't momentarily relevant. They're things I've heard before and tend to agree with. Some people will make fun of you and act like you're an idiot for choosing not to eat bacon or hamburgers. I realize that this meat product comes from the suffering of sentient animals and choose not to engage in eating it. I don't harass anyone for what they choose to eat, I just stay in my lane and do what's right by me. 

I am only vegetarian though, and even as I was drinking my milk last night I thought, "I don't know how anyone could give this up. My body NEEDS this and reacts deeply to its nourishment." 

5 minutes later I scroll from Twitter with those images over to Facebook and immediately come across this:

Sometimes vegans and vegetarians go the route of being kind of annoying. They intend to raise awareness about caring for animals or a healthy diet but can come off as guilt-tripping and alienating to those with a conviction for eating meat. 

It's sad that these two walks of life find themselves divided. That meat eaters go out of their way to mock and condemn vegans and vegans go out of their way to do the same back. A divide of humans against humans over food consumption and animal rights. 

Again, I just stay in my own lane. I KNOW people will do as they choose. I acknowledge their free will and autonomy same as God does. One day I believe it will change. And I think to show that, God then led me to see the rest of the following posts seconds after the one above on the Facebook accounts of multiple people I know who do not know one another:

But I am sorry to animal kind for the suffering inflicted upon them. I'm sorry that our sentients has not led us to greater empathetic compassion to those enfleshed as we are to pain. I'm sorry the legitimate intelligence of these creatures goes unnoticed by our own ignorance. I recognize the SOULS within these beings just as well as I see them in the people around me. May the inherent value of these animals come to be recognized and may their autonomy come to be respected. 

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