Monday, March 7, 2016

Angel Card Reading #5

A lot has happened since my birthday and even during my birthday. 

My asked me about a month ago what I wanted for my birthday and at the time I wanted these 2 books so I said Barnes and Nobles gift card -which I immediately regretted. gift cards allow you to buy books and anything else you could ever possibly want online, but come birthday time I was handed the Barnes and Nobles gift card and then told we could actually go in person to a B+N store and get books. So armed with a $50 gift card we then went into the store. I spent 5 minutes tracking down the "Spiritual Section" -also called New Age section. I decided to look for some Doreen Virtue Angel cards. I had spent the remaining $40 of my previous Amazon gift card buying 4 sets of angel cards for my sister, my mom, my friend Agatha, and my friend Nina. 

So being Angel Cardless I decided to stock up. I bought $50 worth of angel cards -a total of 3 angel card sets including a 78 double carded set. As I'm walking over to my mom with these angel cards a random woman standing next to her eyes the cards and immediately asks me, "Where did you get those?" I point her over to the section and she bolts off towards the cards. 

And that is how God works. In your mind it's a simple equation of "What do I want for me that's easiest?". In God's mind it's "How can I arrange this so Jessica gets what she's asking for but also helps someone else in the process so I can hit two birds with one stone?" 

I not only got back the angel card set I ordered for myself and 4 other people, but then got 3 additional sets. I GAVE 4 angel card sets and now HAVE 4 angel card sets. All of which cost me NOTHING because each time it was achieved through a gift card.

With the cards I was then able to help my mom -who I'm going through the process of having our relationship healed with -and my sister who I don't get to see very often. My mom told me, "I think I need a vacation. I feel like I haven't gone anywhere in a while and I want to." 3 cards popped up through the course of the 2 card reading sessions we had saying, "You should TRAVEL on vacation." 

My sister was having troubles with a friend and didn't know what to do. 3 cards in a row told her to Forgive, Let God Through to heal the situation, and Trust that the relationship would be mended. 

Me on the other had continued to get the same cards as usual: STOP putting off your dreams and intended visions meant to reach fruition. 

So here's the card updates for me:

February 26th -Doreen Virute Drawing from Online: 

This was the day before I received the B+N gift card and got my Angel Card decks repleted. This was also the day I had to go by myself through the airport to fly out to California to see my family.

Feb 27th -My Birthday- Doreen Readings

Mermaid -My PISCES day. 
And again the "healing animals" came up. It's getting clearer to me I am meant to heal at some point, but I think it's healing nature more than people. 

Feb 28th -My sister's birthday -Doreen and My Cards
Basically it was another mention of my Creative Project, JOY for our birthday celebration, and MORE reminders for me to follow my Intuitive Path to bring the Creative Project to Fruition. 

March 1st, 2nd, 3rd -Doreen Readings + Mine

A reminder Heaven is coordinating to help you and is sending you Prosperity. 

I also got a card that said "Look for the Signs". That day I had an intense meeting with a spiritual woman to discuss my potential spiritual books that I know I'm meant to make. She basically validated the necessity for these books.

March 4th -Doreen Reading

Basically a reminder not to limit myself AGAIN to a job position I don't want to make money to do the things I actually want/need to be doing.

March 5th -Doreen Readings

This past weekend sucked. My energy was utterly depleted and everything felt spiritually murky and lost. I STILL don't know what the heck was happening. I had a bunch of stuff to do but all I could do was lay in bed and try to make my way to connection with Heaven through the haze and mist. 

I revisited it today -having gained some spiritual ground and clarity -and basically every time I think I'm wasting time by lying in and relaxing Heaven tells me it is NEEDED. I'm a "sensitive" and need to recharge my energy to focus on the tasks ahead. Heaven is trying to align things and I just need to sit still and let the process happen without judging it or saying "it isn't as it should be". 

March 7th -Doreen and Me Readings

Today I got the same symbol twice. The first time it was a very vivid image of 2 angels -male and female -facing each other with arms embraced. Beneath them was the intertwining Double Helix/ Medical Insignia. Didn't know what it meant but it came up again when I did this mornings readings. HEALING. I needed to focus my energy on Healing my soul and letting go of past pains. And on the case for the angel card itself that I drew there is the Symbol of that insignia. Doreen's cards then Affirmed this point. 

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