Monday, March 21, 2016

Formal v. Informal Funerals

This seems like kind of a trivial issue given World issues, and yet it's becoming more of an adverse concern to some people than expected. 

In the past it has been regimented tradition with the risk of ostracism for people to attend funerals wearing only black. (Let's bear in mind this tradition does not include MANY cultures and people in American that have differing customs and dress attire to their funerals).

But in today's modern world it seems a challenge to get teens to wear just about anything outside of jeans and "leggings". And so in our more lax, casual, younger generation it is becoming a new tradition to wear whatever you want to a funeral -and not even anything pertaining to the color Black. 

Older generations are horrified by this because they see it as a sign of disrespect. But in my opinion, the main focus of the funeral should be GRIEVING the loss of a loved and paying RESPECTS to their memory. Dress attire and snobbing someone for what they're wearing seems a deep VANITY in comparison.

For instance, if a grieving widow who just lost her husband of 10 years to cancer wants to wear jeans and a sweat shirt to his funeral, are YOU going to be the one who goes up to her and complains? 

Sometimes humanity loses sight of its own humanity when procedures, traditions, expectations, and regimented beliefs come to play. 

This is why no one likes the U.S. Post Office by the way. 20 people in line ahead of you, only 1 teller, only a 25 minute parking spot before you get a $50 fine, and no hope in site. 

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