Friday, March 18, 2016

Getting Clearer on Career

Went to a job seeker's club today and filled out 3 forms on what my greatest skills and desired contributions for a job are. 

I've filled out many of these and now myself very well so it was easy to figure out. 

The interesting part came in the end when I had several emerging skill sets and attributes and I needed to choose among them to find the top 3 or so. 

What I realized is that my "skills" hail in 4 categories: 

#1 Analytical information, research, data gathering, observation, evaluation

#2 Artistic, creative, visionary, imaginative, innovative, intuitive 

#3 Caring, connection, contribution, informing, enlightening, helping 

#4 Honest, truth seeking, good listening, understanding, insightful, desiring meaningful things 

Category #1 is my least favorite. I hate the mentally-oriented side of my brain that's like a computer machine. But doing research and analysis helps me achieve the implementation of my Visions and Understandings. 

Category #1 is my Mind seeking to fullfil Category #2 and #4
Category #2 is my Mind and Soul seeking Creative Expression
Category #3 is my Heart seeking Connection 
Category #4 is my Soul seeking Truth 

All in all my Mission Statement then becomes:

"I want to take my Creative Talents and Analytical Abilities -in Unity with God and Heaven -to Contribute Meaningful work that Enlightens and brings Grace to the World." 

I also decided that I desire to plug into a pre-existing company and position that matches this Mission as well as creating new ventures of my own to further this cause. 

It all feels like I've more or less been shooting for this for a while now. I'm waiting for Earth to fall into alignment that I may be paired through God's efforts. I feel like this is my "Angel Card" to Heaven -a guiding request being made. 

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