Thursday, March 24, 2016

More Visions (cont.)

March 23rd while relaxing:

I didn't initially understand the image entirely other than it was a bird with a heart on its chest etched out pretty plainly. For me it reminded me of an Eagle, so I initially thought Freedom. Then I got the understanding it was the Holy Spirit expressing LOVE. 

This is kind of interesting to me because I usually affiliate the Holy Spirit with PEACE, Protection, and Guidance. And yet over and over again I'm reminded of its Caring and Compassionate Love towards people and circumstances. 

It's good to know when I'm not being mindful or aware of things, Heaven will remind me. 

Then this image came to me as I continued thinking to myself: 

Basically I've noticed the evolution of thoughts that come to me and how they continue to blossom the longer they are pondered. 

1. At first I will have an immediate reaction to some upsetting news in the media. 

2. Then upon being upset by the bad news I'll worry that it won't be addressed. 

3. My concerns will almost immediately turn to the larger implications and systemic issues in our society and our world and I'll start to feel overwhelmed by it all. 

4. Then I'll remember God and the hand He has to play in this reality and the way He always leads people out of the darkness to light and some greater understanding will follow this that will be a gold nugget of wisdom and a great lesson to hold onto. 

This is the Ripple Effect of my mind as it blossoms from immediate concern to divine understanding and peace. 

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