Monday, March 14, 2016

Color Coding Personality Types

As usual whenever I come across a new "personality test system" I feel the need to analyze it in comparison with others including the Zodiac. So far I've seen:

Myers Briggs -Which is behaviorally based (people change their behaviors depending on situations and it is not necessarily denotative towards inherent tendencies) and is VASTLY OVERLY COMPLICATED. Wayyyyyyyyyy too much. If you can't use the application practically its utility is rendered kind of useless. 

Enneagrams -This has overlap with Myers Briggs but in a far more simplified form. I found overlap with this and the Zodiac System and tend to like it the best out of all the personality test systems I've seen -except for the Zodiac System itself which is the most accurate when used properly.

Chinese Astrology -Maybe if I delved more into it I could find greater validity, but if it's not as readily accessible in general and doesn't go much deeper it's a little to light without enough substance. 

Other Random Tests -I saw one once based on high school stereotype caricatures like "Geek" or "Artist" or "Popular Girl". Pretty dumb. 

This brings us to these 2 latest Personality Tests I've found. Both are essentially trying to simplify previously established personality systems based around 4 colors (a.k.a. personalities). 

The first uses the colors Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow.

Red = Fire Signs in general, but specifically: Type A Personalities, Freedom, Leadership, Excitement, Fun, Action, Image, Opportunity, Success, Advancement...

Blue = Analytical, Structure, Duty, Order, Process

Green = Spiritual Understanding, Wisdom, Truth, Personal Growth, Integrity, Research, Clarity 

Yellow = Caring, Loving, Compassionate, Collaboration, Seeking Connection, Personal Growth, Imaginative, Creative 

In this system you are supposed to place the personalities in order from greatest to least so you can see which ones resonate MOST with you and which ones resonate LEAST. I'm a Yellow/Green hybrid who can get along with Blues but tends to avoid Reds. 

The other color coding system is very similar. The Red color is almost identical. This system uses Red, Blue, White, and Yellow. 

Red = Fire Signs, Type A's, Leadership, Vision, Power, Action, Assertive, Direct, Talkative, Impatient 

Blues = Caring, Connection, Loyal, Mindful, Sensitive, Emotional, Purposeful 

Yellow = Younger Souls, Fun, Enthusiastic, Creative, Social, Charismatic, Unfocused, Expressive, Easily Bored 

Whites = Peace, Clarity, Gentle, Kind, Accepting, Reason, Timid, Withdrawn, Hiding, Fluidity 

I'm a White with some Blue leanings. Blues seem to equal what Yellows were for the other color code. 

Both codes aim at acknowledging specific trends among people. The first focuses on Desires and Motivating Influences in Core Tendencies. What do you SEEK in life? 

The second is based more around obvious and external tendencies and even spiritual age. Are you young and energetic, older and success driven, caring and seeking connection, or an elder soul? 

It's interesting that the RED signs are the same. Fire signs are the most prominent in representation because they are so unchanging and bold most of the time. They easily gain the most attention and take the lead in everything. There is no mistaking a Fire Sign. 

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