Monday, March 14, 2016

Discerning Messages and Mysteries

So this pertains to things that happened within a 1 week time spance and a couple weeks ago. I mostly just wanted it noted and acknowledged because there is something to it. 

When I was working with the Angel Cards for Reincarnation and figuring out past lives I found a card that was entitled "Atlantis". For me this represented my past issues with the ocean since I died via the sea in many past lives. But it got me thinking, "Does this mean Doreen Virtue believes Atlantis was real?" I knew what the card represented as it pertained to me but the card itself alludes to a place that some believe once existed and was primarily ocean-based in setting and very technologically advanced until one day it just disappeared. 

Either way I thought it was odd but didn't necessarily think there was that much more to it. Then a couple days later I walked in on a tv show my dad was watching no the Smithsonian Channel that was going into the mysterious disappearance of an island. The island had been charted on maps for centuries and then on an aerial Google map showed some dark shadow cast over it. When people went to inspect what the dark shadow was in person the island itself was gone. As I was watching this I knew it was something of relevance that Heaven wanted me to know about but I didn't know why. 

The a couple days after that I was with my friend Nina -who in general isn't the most informed human on the face of the earth. She didn't even know about the Bill Cosby issue until I told her about a month ago. Nina whips out her phone and reads me a lengthy article verbatim about the search for the Malaysian airplane people have been searching for since 2 years ago. They have recovered a few pieces of debris and think they're getting closer to finding it now. 

All of this started to form a pattern. Large objects or places being lost mysteriously or vanishing over the ocean. I don't know what it means, but I think it's something Heaven wants me to be aware of for future reference or clarification. 

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