Sunday, March 27, 2016

Visions and Easter Sunday

I've fallen WAYYY behind on my blogs. I have 3 significant blogs that need to be written all dealing with varying aspects of sexuality -which would be the "Theme" of this week if I gave sermons. 

So I'll try to preface those blogs with this Easter Sunday blog. For me Easter Sunday actually began last night on Saturday when 3 visions came to me vividly. 

The first was an image of the Goddess Isis (an angel from ancient Egypt) comforting a sorrowful man. The image appeared to me as the images within pyramid walls do: 2-dimensional and profiled. The image was given as a reminder that even in cultures and religions that seem separate from Christian beliefs, there is found a common thread of shared spiritual understanding. 

The second image was of a bright Sun hovering over a VAST sea of clouds. This image was of the Sun of Heaven -a reminder that just as it is in Heaven so is it on Earth that One Sun hovers above all. 

The third image came to me but I did not draw it initially. The words "King of Love" and the image of a Crown over a Heart were shown as being representative of JESUS. I had never thought of Jesus as the King of Love and didn't necessarily resonate with that term. So I decided to ignore it. 

Then at church today, during the singing portion, there was a band playing a song with the lyrics popping up on a screen in front of everyone. The lyrics of one of the songs was "King of Love" in reference to Jesus. For me that was the Ah-ha! moment and I decided I needed to draw the image down and note it. I went from having never heard that term before to hearing it twice ina  24 hour times span. 

The rest of church went well. The pastor spoke of God's unconditional love with emphasis on His indiscriminate, total, absolute, unfailing LOVE. That it is given to ALL -regardless their past sins or the severity of past pains inflicted. 

I was listening in particular for any cluing to homosexuality. For me, I don't want to be in a church that pursues hatred of those people. Instead this pastor spoke of pedophiles and rapists and how compassion was extended even to them. So this was a good church of true understanding of the meaning of Mercy and Grace. 

These were the words and drawings made by me on the back of the paper pamphlet they gave: 

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