Sunday, March 20, 2016

My Artistic Approach

When faced with a new medium there tends to be a pattern I follow with my artistic instincts. It was kind of manifested today so I thought I'd share. Today's art project was Painting Snow. 

Step 1. You don't know the medium, so try using pre-established methods and templates to get familiar with it. (I used a star stencil).

Step 2. Experiment within the medium with pre-established methods to get more familiar with its nature. 

Step 3. Attempt to use a new method in similar ways that are not outside of the realm of commonality with the medium. 

Step 4. Begin to branch out and do your own thing, even if it doesn't start out as seeming that original in thought. 

Step 5. Having officially come to understand the medium you are working in, officially go off and do your own thing. 

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