Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Recent Visions

Was still upset about the whole "Christian High School Education Organization" being against gay people. As I lay in bed I bothered me more because I realized they had influence over the lives of Teens in particular, especially those going to Christian schools, and inevitably their negative influence on religious principles related to homosexuality might likely lead to a teen feeling ostracized and committing suicide. 

When human lives are left in the influential hands who don't care for them, death usually follows. And I tried to hand this issue over to God as I'm meant to do, so I asked God to reach those who claimed to follow Him to greater understanding and compassion. And I prayed for God to watch over the souls of all members of the LGTQ+ community that they would know their own inherent worth and the desired relationship God always seeks to maintain with them. 

Then this image came to me and the word UNITY. 

I saw it vividly and immediately knew it was something I should draw and make note of. 

After my mind had inevitably wandered off and thought to itself for a while another image came to me randomly out of the blue. The COLORS of this image were vivid and very celestial. 

The image was primarily Golden, but there were orbs along the tethered line that were of all colors (blue, red, green, orange, purple...) creating a rainbowed appearance all together. It immediately reminded me of the Chakras and I realized this image was the Golden Bond between Heaven and Earth. The spiritual thread linking the two worlds. 

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