Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Part 1: LGTQ...A

So on March 22nd and 23rd was kind of upset about the lack of spiritual support for members of the gay community. I got the image of the Cross and the words "Unity" -which was God's way of showing up with His solidarity and compassionate love. But was still kind of bothered, not just about gays + religion, but also about Asexuality. I had wanted to bring it up in the blog I wrote that day, but didn't because Asexuality seems to be of little to no relevance to the LGTQ+ community and just about every other community. It's an orientation all its own with its own unique issues. 

So not only was I feeling a little left out spiritually by the world, (God and Heaven excluded since they show up everyday for me), but I was also feeling left out of the LGTQ+ community as an Asexual person. They never get mentioned. As if they don't exist. 

I asked myself which is worse: To be in a gay relationship people don't approve of and try to demean, or to be in a relationship no one deems legitimate or real in the first place because it doesn't involve sex?

Anyways, was feeling a little low because of it all, but then God came through again -this time specifically with messages towards my Asexuality. I found the following over the course of about 5 minutes while strolling through the internet. Stuff kept popping up kind of beyond "coincidentally".  

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