Monday, March 7, 2016

More Understandings From/About Heaven

2 related understandings of Heaven have come in loud and clear in the past 2 days. The first was a general understanding that hit as I was connecting to Heaven and the second came to me in a dream this morning. 

#1 Someone passed away over the weekend. I didn't know them, just knew of them, but I prayed their soul reached Heaven in peace. I asked for Jesus, Mary, Michael and the Holy Spirit to raise the soul. 

As I did this I got the sense that the soul had already been raised and then I got the REACTION of Heaven as the soul entered in. It was one of pure joy and celebration. I realized that the way we celebrate and welcome in the birth of a CHILD to this life and physical world -that is the way Heaven welcomes in SOULS. They are abundantly happy and embracing to souls as they are lovingly welcomed in. 

#2 In my dream this morning I was in a kind of mobile cart being driven or led by someone I did not see. I could see through my eyes as if bearing witness to the events surrounding me, but it also felt like I was there to some extent. 

In the cart beside me was a young girl -maybe 18 -who I knew had been the victim of sex trafficking. Her head was down and she looked kind of somber and defeated. 

As I looked around me all I could see (as you would see headstones in a cemetery or buildings in a city) were hundreds of Statues, Murals, and Monuments depicting WOMEN. These women featured were in every walk of life: They were Praying, they were Dancing, they were Embracing one another. They were happy and full of life. 

At the center of this "city" was a giant temple. On the outside of the temple were large statues of winged women. We reached the entrance of the temple and it opened. There was a woman that then came out of the temple. She was bright, LOVING, warm, welcoming, and abundantly Happy to welcome us in. This energy then seemed to flow from the entire city -it was the energy of Femininity. This place was like a museum would be for men. Where everywhere you looked you would see Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr... only it was for WOMEN. 

I got the sense that this place was to Reaffirm the VALUE of women to women. Women who were used as objects of no value in this life would SEE and FEEL the deep love and value God had for them. I also got the sense that this was a place for women raised in religions that had taught them that women were an ACCESSORY to men and were therefore of no consequence or value to God as God would value the lives of Men. 

This place healed the wounds menkind and religion had dealt womenkind in the world. A way for God to reaffirm the inherent value and love for Women. 

I also got the sense that there were MORE places like this. Places where people who felt God did not love them or want them were corrected in that understanding to know God loves them DEEPLY beyond comprehension. 

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